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January 1, 1970 |

Calling all Precinct 5A Voters!

Gem City Market Team needs the help of all registered voters in voting Precinct 5A (those whose voting poll is Mt. Enon Missionary Baptist Church at 1501 W. Third Street)


As you are aware, the Gem City Market continues to work diligently to pull all of the necessary pieces together to be able to open the new market, at the corner of Salem and Superior during the winter of 2020. Those efforts include construction, equipment, inventory, hiring and all licensing required of a full service grocery store. These efforts are on-going in spite of the current coronavirus pandemic. 

One of our current efforts, in the critical path of our opening is the need to acquire the necessary licenses for operations and the sale of certain products.

Because Precinct 5A is currently a Dry Precinct, we are required to petition registered voters within Precinct 5A to allow the sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages (below 21% alcohol content) at the store. This petition is for site specific licenses, meaning the sale of these items will only be permitted at the Gem City Market and does not change the restrictions on alcohol sales at any other location within the Precinct.

By signing the petition, it is important that you understand you are only allowing the issue to be placed on the November ballot for all residents in the precinct to make the final decision as to your desire to have these products available for carry-out sales and to allow the Market to be able to offer on-site consumption for the purposes of craft beer and wine tastings and for special events that may occur from time to time within the store and its public spaces.

Our projected sales of these items only represent about 5% of the total store revenue so, while it is not a major component of the products we expect to sell, it is important, from a competitive perspective that we be able to offer all of the products our customers typically expect to be available and to purchase at any full service grocery store.

To be able to stay on track, with our business plans, we have chosen to use our Gem City Market web page and our Facebook page to solicit signatures for this petition and, at the same time minimize exposure of both our GCM volunteers and the community to any potential viral risk. 

If you are willing to sign the petition, please fill-in the form below, provide your name and address and we will have one of our volunteers drop by your home with a petition that you can sign.

Again you must be a registered voter in Precinct 5A with your voting place at Mt Enon Missionary Baptist Church.

(Find your precinct and voting location here.)

Wishing everyone stays safe and healthy as we navigate this current health crisis! We know we can count on the community to make this effort a success!

If you have questions or wish to sign the petition, please fill-in the form below.

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