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January 29, 2020

Community Announcement: Dayton Census Office Hiring

[via Member-Owner Venita Kelley]

  • The Dayton area Census office is desperately looking to hire for people in the area, for everything from field supervisors, enumerators, clerks, etc.  The hourly rate begins at $14 per hour and ranges up to $20+ depending on the position.  Hours are flexible, in general, but positions like clerks ($16/hr) are 40 hours a week.  There are 3 shifts to choose from that are available to those hired.
  • Accurate count for the Census is crucial, particularly for West Dayton.  The more accurate the count the more federal dollars come per person in areas counted.  This could mean $3500 more per person or, all told, millions of dollars coming to the West Dayton area for education, social services, workforce development programs, etc.
  • Accurate counts also mean more $’s coming to Ohio.
  • In addition, accurate counts (could) affect the legislative representation allotted to the  area.
  • Census looks for local people to hire because they know the area, and (realistically) promote greater trust of the process for accurate counts.
  • Here is the number that’s connected to the local Census hiring agency.  They can give more information about the area hiring events (particularly those that do not have access to the internet can be signed up at these events.) :  937-637-6103
  • Only those who have applied online will be hired.
  • The local census office is developing hiring events, and looking for places and organizations to hold these events.
  • Here is the link to the online application page:
  • For more details and information, Angelique Burns is the person heading the effort in the Dayton area and she can be reached at the number above though it may be a hiring agent that answers and routes you to the proper person for information.
  • The general url to learn more about the Census is

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