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April 6, 2020 | online

Highlights from recent PopEd

A Note from our Outreach Director

Information can make the difference in peril and prosperity. In these days and times, it behooves us all to recognize the power of utilizing the gifts buried in each one of us.

Popular Education is a tool for sharing information and convening a space where our community can engage in meaningful dialogue surrounding various topics.

We hope you can join in on one of six follow-up sessions, until then, take care of yourselves and each other (from 6ft. distance of course).

 – Kenya Baker, Outreach Director Gem City Market


Popular Education April 6, 2020 6:30pm – 8:30pm via video conference

The Power of the Vote

Jo’el Jones, Neighborhood Over Politics

Notes: We explored the notion of a “conscious voter.” Jo’el informed us that there is currently a pending lawsuit being brought against the state for cancelling all opportunities for in-person voting. The issue was raised that elected officials are public servants not royalty. It was stated that, “The community must find its own leaders to exalt.”

An attendee asked, “Is it possible to run and win without playing politics?

Immune Boosting Tips

Tiffany Brown, Nurse Practitioner

Notes: During this session, Tiffany stressed the importance in upholding the “Shelter in Place” order. We were also informed on the extreme benefits of exercising and drinking an adequate amount of water (2.7 liters a day). She explained that this order becomes even more dire for those of us who live with individuals who may be within the high-risk population. She stressed the importance of paying attention to seals when purchasing over the counter products. Finally, she spoke on the benefits of using essential oils such as lavender and peppermint.


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