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February 12, 2021

Phone Banking

Gem City Market Member-Owner Phone Banking

Update: 3/25/2021 We’ve concluded our current series of phone banking sessions. To stay in the loop on future volunteer opportunities, make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter:

We got word to our general inbox that new member-owners were not receiving our welcome correspondence in their email, and our USPS mailings were not arriving in a timely fashion. With the support of community member-owner and organizer Etana Jacobi, we have been able to coordinate a new series of Phone Bank sessions.

We’re calling recent member-owners with welcome greetings, and to check-in with the latest news, answer questions and capture actions for making deeper member-owner connections.

Member-Owner volunteers join together on zoom from 6PM-8PM on Thursdays for a self-contained training, call session, and storytelling debrief.

We’ve created a great resources doc with handy links and all the questions we frequently run into. We leave a fair number of voicemails and when we catch a new member-owner live, well the conversations can go just about anywhere!

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