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April 1, 2020

Report Back: Shavelta Harding, Up & Coming Conference in Madison, WI part 3

In early March 2020, a group of Gem City Market Member-Owners attended the Up & Coming Food Co-op Conference, in Madison Wisconsin. Up & Coming attracts start-up organizing groups, board members, and co-op staff from around the country to learn and grow together. This year the conference was in Madison, WI on Mar 6-7, 2020.

Programming was 2 days with over 55 workshops presented by 50+ speakers, both consultants and peers. Our own Amaha Sellassie, Kenya Baker, and Lela Klein presented, attending their 3rd Up & Coming to-date. With their costs covered by the conference organizers for presenting, CO-OP Dayton was able to also send: elder Mama Nozipo Glenn (who some may know as Mama Paparazzi), Rachel DB our Membership Committee Co-Chair and Interim Marketing Coordinator, and two of our GCM community-elected board members – David K. Greer and Shavelta Harding.

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Now we’ll hear from our newest community-elected Board member Shavelta Harding.

Shavelta is a Daytonian through and through having grown up near what is now the future site of Gem City Market. Shavelta joined the Gem City Market Board in May 2019, for a two-year term. Shavelta is inspired by the connections and relationships that are built when we cooperate toward a common goal.



[Photo credit Troy Freund Photography]

I had a great time networking with all vendors and learning so much from each co-op. I sat in on sessions that helped equip me with a plethora of informative ideas and avenues to take to gain leverage in the co op industry.

I learned how to deal with people coming from various lifestyles and cultures. I learned how to communicate effectively, and tips on how to enhance productivity and inventory. Even suggestions that only my notes could regurgitate and divulge so eloquently.[Photo credit Troy Freund Photography]

The best take away was the bonds I built with the Cleveland people. I am working with them to this day to try to merge the two cities and collaborate more often. Until the virus hit the nation we had big plans, but I am so grateful that we went on the trip before this hit home.

[Photo credit Troy Freund Photography]

I am honored to have gone for the first time and I would really appreciate attending again at the next event. I plan to gain much more knowledge all along the way. The possibilities are endless. I am so happy to still be in contact with them, especially as we share a state. This quarantine is helping us organize and plan for a great gathering that will publicize all the entities at hand.

[Photo credit Troy Freund Photography]

We were just a small piece in the big puzzle that was the actual conference. Not even to leave out the HUGE meeting with like minded folks with the same face as mine. I was ecstatic for that meeting that Malik coordinated. I am forever gracious of the contact list he disclosed to us all afterwards. Many great connections to say the least.

[Photo credit Troy Freund Photography]

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