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August 10, 2020

The Gem City Market Unveils “Let’s Eat: A Child’s View of Gem City Market” 

The Gem City Market Unveils “Let’s Eat: A Child’s View of Gem City Market” 

Aug 11th, 4pm

In partnership with Glenna Jennings, Associate Professor of Photography at The University of Dayton, Simeon Oyeyemi, Artist and Educator, and Shavelta Harding, Art Coordinator, The Gem City Market is presenting six works from art students at The Edison School and Dayton Leadership Academy through large format banners. These banners will be publicly displayed around the construction site of the new community owned market on Salem Ave.

Students from both Edison School and Dayton Leadership academy were asked to envision a trip to the market or what they think a grocery should look like: the people or aisles, the produce, or employees. With three drawings from both schools, alongside photography from Jennings, artwork from Oyeyemi, and architectural drawings of the completed Gem City Market, these 10 large format banners are intended to inspire the community along the high traffic Salem corridor.

“Even through the process of fundraising and getting the ground broken on this project we’re already seeing a movement in our community,” Kenya Baker, Gem City Market Community Outreach Director said. “Our children are our driving force and their vision of what our market should look like is important for everyone to see.” “Forward ever backward never. The children of my community will have food.” Simeon Oyeyemi, Artist and Educator, affirmed. Glenna Jennings said, “We couldn’t be prouder to be displaying these inspiring works of art on the community’s future grocery store site.”

“Let’s Eat: A Child’s View of Gem City Market” has had many community partners working to get this project completed including funding from The University of Dayton’s ‘Dinner in the Desert Kitchen’ fundraising and sponsorship through Digital Fringe, a locally owned print shop.

The community is invited to see the installation art project at 324 Salem Ave. alongside a press conference on Aug 11th at 4pm**. The artists, speakers including poetry from Dayton poet, A Slate and project leaders will be in attendance.

** We’ve invited the press so you can see the installation from the safety of your own home. Next time you are near the site, stop by and take a look up close!

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