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January 13, 2020

Yetunde Rodriguez – Textile Artist Contributing to Gem City Market

We’d like to acknowledge the incredible design skills of Yetunde Rodriguez, whose graphic patterns will be seen in Gem City Market’s retail space! Her joyful colors and bold linework are some things you’ll see on the walls, and reflected in the new Gem City Market identity.


Yetunde Rodriguez is a Textile Artist and Designer with a focus on Block Printing. Yetunde taps into her Nigerian heritage for inspiration. She creates bold, meaningful, images interpreted in a joyful celebration of color!

Yetunde has a background in Graphic Design, with an B.A from Hampton University. She has done a little bit of a lot over the years. She and has taught both young and old, with the firm belief that when you teach, you learn.

She continues to teach, partnering with local arts organizations and public libraries to lead workshops and give presentations. She is passionate about empowering the youth to see the possibilities in using creativity to shape their future and achieve their goals.

Yetunde aims to leave her mark wherever she goes, and believes that life can be made just a little more interesting with a few simple materials, some simple shapes, and fun colors!

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