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December 17, 2019

Ceremonial Community Groundbreaking @ Annual Block Party

We estimate 500 – 700 members and supporters joined us for our Ceremonial Community Groundbreaking. Burgers were grilled, booths were visited, connections were made.

We collected nearly 50 grocery receipts, the best way to find out what you really want to buy and cook, to help us stock our shelves smartly!

Over 40 individuals made the decision to join the cooperative as a community-owner.

We collected over $800 in Supporter Equity (and CO-OP Dayton gave out over 50 t-shirt thank yous!)

About 50 individuals volunteered (receiving potluck dishes, serving food, supporting the grill masters, grilling, and stepping in where ever assistance was required).

Open 7-Days a week 7AM - 9PM 324 Salem Avenue

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