A New MarketRooted In Community

Our mission is to serve, engage, and empower our neighborhoods by providing affordable, high quality food in a clean and welcoming environment that is worker and community owned.

The Need

Lack of access to a full-service grocery store is impacting Daytonians’ health.

National studies have shown residents who live near supermarkets have lower rates of diet-related diseases than those with limited access.

Dayton has higher than average rates of diabetes and other chronic illness, and over a third of adults in our neighborhoods report eating fewer than one vegetable per day.


Gem City Market is a cooperative. That means it is a business owned and controlled by its members for the benefit of those same members.

Membership allows you to participate on committees and in annual meetings, elect representatives to our board, run for community-elected board seats, and benefit from member-only promotions once we’re open.

Gem City Market is a multi-stakeholder cooperative with three member classes: Community-Owner, Employee-Owner and Supporters (Supporter members do not have voting rights nor receive patronage dividends). Learn more on our membership page.

{Community-owners of Gem City Market celebrate at our Ceremonial Community Groundbreaking and Block Party in September of 2019. Photo: Jan Underwood}

More than a grocery store

Gem City Market is first and foremost a grocery store, yet we’re going to be so much more! Our store will also include a teaching kitchen, nutrition classes and wellness programming, a mini-clinic, cafe, and community room.

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