Self-Care Practices During COVID-19

Implementing a self-care plan in daily living is most important during this time of year especially now with COVID-19. During this presentation we will discuss the benefits of self-care and why it’s important, learn some practical ways to self-care and put those practices in action, and the benefits of self-care. This is an interactive presentation. Be prepared to be actively engaged and to participate.

About Yamika:

Yamika Leeper-Stephens is a Lifestyle Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker. She is the founder of Your Lifestyle (YLS) Fitness & Exercise Coaching, LLC as well as a Physical Education, Yoga and Meditation Instructor. She is your guide to simply breathe. Yamika embodies the world of health, wellness and fitness. With her Lifestyle Coaching experience, skills and techniques she assists individuals in their personal lifestyle goals to successfully live healthy in a holistic approach.

Mrs. Leeper-Stephens enjoys inspiring, motivating and challenging all to better health and self commitment, holding everyone she encounters accountable for their healthy lifestyle journey. In her career she has presented on health, wellness, fitness, leadership and self-care to various community groups, schools, and corporations. With the desire to implement the practice of Yoga in the community; Yamika has shared her love for Yoga with the children of West Dayton Strong’s after school program at Desoto Bass Courts and the children of Hilltop Homes sponsored by Citywide Development Corporation in Dayton, Ohio. Most currently Yamika has partnered with Sunlight Village’s Youth program, Connections for Success introducing Yoga males.