Helping BuildGem City Market

Dayton Ohio has been named the second hungriest city in the nation, with nearly 30% of families reporting that they’ve had trouble putting enough healthy food on the table.  This is driven in part by a complete lack of full service grocery stores in much of the city’s West and Northwest side.  But the community has come together to build a solution:

Gem City Market will be a full-service cooperatively owned grocery store and deli located in the Salem Avenue corridor, just across the bridge from downtown Dayton. This new grocery store will be a place where everyone is welcome. Donations to the cooperative help subsidize memberships for Daytonians facing economic hardship.  Though a cooperative membership typically costs $100, families receiving food stamps and other aid can buy memberships for $10 – giving them a voice in governance and discounts once we’re open. Your donation helps make this possible.  All donations made out to Gem City Market directly aid in growing our initiative.